EMPOWER CON 2021: Follow Me
Friday, June 25th at 8:30 PM Eastern Time
(9:30 AM +1 day Korea Time)

The 1st hour of "EMPOWER CON 2021: Follow Me" will feature stories of past and present fieldworkers about their journey of following Jesus (and into North Korea) and those currently preparing to be part of the future wave of workers. During the 2nd hour, participants will join breakout rooms to explore greater involvement in NK-related engagement work through the Great Harvest 2027 call.

Registration Deadline (EXTENDED!): Tuesday, June 22, 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific
Suggested Donation of $10

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EMPOWER CON 2021: Follow Me

"Come, follow me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men.’ At once they left their nets and followed him.” Matthew 4:18-20 NIV

Do you remember when you first heard Jesus’ call to follow Him?

Our primary calling as Christians is one of relationship -- to follow Jesus as our Savior and Lord of our lives. When we follow Him, He transforms our identity, gives us a new task, and takes us places we have never imagined before.

Perhaps you are here today because as you follow Jesus, you desire to use your vocational calling to serve Him, and follow Him into surprising locations -- such as North Korea.

During the first hour of “Empower Con 2021: Follow Me,” you will witness testimonies of people who have followed Jesus into Korea. Some are from the past who lived in a post-Korean war Korea when it was one of the poorest countries in the world. You will also meet those in the present-day who followed Jesus into North Korea to love and serve the people as they pioneered projects in pharmaceuticals, business, and medical work. Others are involved in training or counseling workers. Lastly, you will hear from those who are in the process of preparing and becoming future workers.

Will you find your place within His story of Korea?

There is a legacy of prayers and faith for Korea that is over 100 years old. As we follow Jesus into Korea, we also follow in the footsteps of those faithful servants of the past and the present who have sowed much in prayer and given their lives as an act of worship and a labor of love unto the Lord. As we listen to the stories of those from the past and present, we can build on their legacy and learn lessons from their experiences, and discover how we can continue to sow, and perhaps even reap -- because a Great Harvest is coming.

The second hour of Empower Con 2021 will be spent in breakout sessions to help you discover what your role might be in the work God is doing in North Korea. You will choose ONE of the following as you register:

  • ADVOCACY - The advocacy breakout session will discuss ways to promote the aims of Great Harvest 2027 through increasing public awareness, mobilizing individuals/churches, and fundraising (identifying and prospecting donors).
  • FELLOWS - If you have a heart for North Korea, are willing to go where Jesus calls you, and want to know how to get involved and prepare right now where you are, this session is for you. The Fellows Program is an opportunity to grow personally, relationally, culturally, spiritually, and vocationally mature in a community context as you discover what it means to live out your part in the church's collective calling.
  • PARTNERS - Great Harvest 2027 is a call to the Global Church. It seeks not only individuals to go as Fellows, but more foundationally, churches or organizations to embrace the vision and send harvest workers. Come find out how your church, agency, school, or other organization can join the Great Harvest Partner Alliance to engage.
  • MENTORS - Mentors are those who commit to coming alongside the fellows and train them for the work inside North Korea. Qualifications for mentors are those who are mature in the faith and have some cross-cultural experience. Using the Fellows curriculum, they will mentor the fellows for a year commitment.
  • PRAYER ROOM - This breakout room is for you if: (1) you are interested in more opportunities to pray for NK; (2) you want to start a NK focused prayer group in your location; (3) you want to help plan and create content for prayer events (e.g. writing devotionals for our annual prayer/fasting/fundraising event). We will also spend 20 minutes interceding for the Peninsula.
  • PROFESSIONALS - As a part of the Great Harvest 2027 call, we are forming Christ-centered communities of professionals who desire to use their vocational callings in NK-related work. These industry-specific communities will be spaces of prayer, encouragement, discussion, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Over time, we hope to have consultants who give of their time and skills to support and empower workers on the field, mentor younger Christian professionals/fellows, or provide subject-matter expertise to relevant projects.
  • TASK FORCE - We are recruiting volunteers to plan and manage many tasks behind the scene to reach the goals of the Great Harvest 2027. The skills in need include, but not limited to project management, communications/public relations, fundraising management, research and website management/programming. Even if you don't have skills or experiences in these areas, join us to find ways to volunteer!
  • 한국어/KOREAN SESSION - "Great Harvest 2027" 에 대해 더 자세히 알기 원하는 분들을 위한 모임 (한국어로 진행)

Come, follow Jesus … to Empower Con 2021. Let’s go together.
Empower Con 2021: Follow Me


“Great Harvest 2027” is a call to the global Church to collaboratively train the next generation to be communities of healing and reconciliation in the 27 major cities of North Korea by 2027. We have identified 7 roles to see the Great Harvest through: Fellows, mentors, advocates, partners, task force, intercessors, and consultants. Please go to www.greatharvest2027.com for more information.