Church Partnerships

Greater Together Than Apart (Ephesians 4:11)

When we partner with others, we are admitting that we cannot do something alone: We are saying that we need others in the Body of Christ to accomplish a given mission. In God's wisdom, he has ordained an endless variety of gifts and personalities in the Body in order to make us interdependent. There might be many things we can do separately, but the tasks that require us to work with others will have greater scope and influence in the area of our witness.

Reah International is committed to empowering the Church local and universal in order to accomplish God-sized plans for those most in need.

Reah seeks to empower the Church network through:

  • Conferences
  • Short-term trips
  • Long-term projects

Ways in which your church can partner with Reah:

  • Adopt a project
  • Help raise awareness for it
  • Give financially
  • Pray for it
  • Send short-term teams when appropriate
  • Assist in developing strategy
  • Assist in the project’s administration

Foster networking through Empower conferences, forums, and retreat

  • Be the main host, or assist another church in your area in hosting the conference
  • Be a financial sponsor
  • Be a financial partner
  • Cover a speaker’s honorarium and travel expenses

Commit to praying with and for Reah:

  • Receive regular updates on Reah’s work
  • Mobilize prayer within your church for Reah

Partner financially by giving to:

  • Staff support
  • Ministry expenses
  • Seed money for initiatives

Contact Jamie Kim ( for more information on church partnerships.