Founder's Story

My first trip into DPRK was in 2002 as the country was recovering from the aftermath of a serious famine. The nation was trying to make reforms and allowing foreign investment into the country. After years of praying for the nation and its people, I entered the country with great anticipation of how I might be involved in its development. After spending only four days in the country, I departed completely dejected and immobilized. At the time, I did not even recognize that I was dejected.

After several months, it struck me that alone, I was helpless to do anything for the people of the DPRK. The situation that I saw inside seemed too big and insurmountable for me to address. By 2004, I came to realize that alone, I could do nothing; I needed friends to journey together with me.

In 2005, Reah International was incorporated in California with a significant volunteer base, as well as a board of nine members. Reah International believes that when we collectively gather and dream together, under the Lord’s guidance, we can move mountains. We can do things that no one individual can accomplish on his or her own, no matter how skilled and gifted he or she may be.

Another realization as I embarked on this journey was that our Lord's purpose in the world is not only to accomplish a task, but to work in the Body of Christians, to call a people to Himself. Through the task, God's desire is to create the people to be the Body and the Bride of Christ, and to be a people of God. More than the good works, God's concern is for the workers, mainly for us to love one another. To that end, Reah's purpose is to glorify God by empowering the Body of Christians one person at a time. Reah's work is the people.

Please join us as we envision a better Body of Christians, one person at a time.

Jamie Kim
Executive Director